Original Style – A Blog Series by Cristiana

Welcome to Original Style

I named this blog based on my personal mantras about integrity, personal growth and being true to yourself. Style is defined as a manner of doing or presenting things. And it can apply to just about anything… fashion (naturally one of my favorites), healthy living (another fav), technology (not so much my best topic but I do have a smart phone and Apple computer), you name it. Original, in the context of this blog, means created directly and personally by a particular artist (not a copy or imitation).

If you know my jewelry, you know that every piece is an original. And usually a piece inspires me, and others, after its created, not the other way around. People often tell me they experience more than just the beauty of a piece that matches their outfit. They find that it touches them in some way personally, at times when they need positive or healing energies… to make them feel better about themselves. My pieces do the same for me.

The purpose of this series is to share ideas about how fashion and lifestyle can bring out the uniqueness in you and help you gain a stronger sense of self, with more confidence, spirituality and love.