“Wonder Lust”


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Gigantic bone tusk with multi lion head antique gold tip attached to thick gold pewter discs necklace.32″
Bone Tusk: Bone symbolizes luck & inner strength. Also good for regeneration. It represents beginnings after natural endings. It banishes negativity, helps you to heal old sorrows, and allows you to move on to more positive personal and professional relationships. Carved Bone is considered very lucky & increases prosperity, balance, & stability. This stone also helps increase the flow of the
energy force. Good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose,
spiritual insights and inspiration.

Lion: Lion Symbolism. The king (Queen) of the jungle, lion symbolism represents royalty and supreme authority. Most people think that having lion as a spirit animal means they get to be the king or queen and boss other people around, but ultimately this is about ruling your emotions and actions. Take control of our lives & live it powerfully. Be full-filled in all areas. Love, Bliss, Joy, Peace, Success.

Gold Pewter Discs: Associates with the mind and aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power, and communication.

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