“Simplify Your Life”


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“Simplify Your Life”

Beautiful small oval pure prehnite stones with a gigantic cream jade stone with Chinese hand-carvings, red swirl design jade on both ends, and a single small amethyst raw crystal charm at the end necklace. 16″

Prehite: Prehnite is a gemstone that can influence people in a good way and make them happy. It is famous as a gemstone that has great love energy in it. Prehnite is a green gemstone. Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and the crystal that will heal the healer. Prehnite eases nightmares, phobias and deep fears uncovering and healing the problems that create them. It his helpful for people who hyperactive. Prehnite was named by the mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner after the Dutch Baron and Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, who in 1783 brought the first of these gems to Europe.

He was found by him in South Africa in the Cape Province (Cape of Good Hope), which also formed the trade names Cape Emerald and Cape Chrysolite. Prehnite narratives say that he was already known in Australia prior to colonization and was considered a life stone by the Aborigines. He is a very strong protection stone.

Prehnite is one of the most important healing stones of all. An overview and description of the most important gems can be found in the article “Top Healing Stones”. In our comprehensive gem encyclopedia, even more than 400 healing stones are captured with images that can be searched by color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.
Prehnite is very good at resolving neurosis, blockages or depression caused by unprocessed or suppressed mental conflicts, memories or experiences. In problematic situations he makes those processes aware and makes clear that they would have influenced normal thinking and acting. It enhances the perception of oneself and the environment and thus promotes more self-acceptance.

He also deals with the environment cautiously, because it has a relaxing effect and calms the mind. The effects of the yellow and green prehnite are the same, except that the green is a lot stronger and also increases the perception.

Cream Jade With Chinese Carvings: Jade is a symbol of purity, serenity as well as wisdom; tranquility.Jade is associated with the heart chakra; increases love; nurturing. It is a protective stone, which keeps the wearer from harm; brings harmony. It is believed to attract good luck; friendship. Psychologically, Jade stabilizes the personality; integrates the mind with the body. It promotes self-sufficiency. Mentally, jade releases negative thoughts; soothes the mind. It stimulates ideas. Emotionally, jade is a dream stone. It brings insightful dreams. It aids emotional release, especially of irritability. Spiritually, jade encourages you to become who you really are. It assists in recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey; awakens hidden knowledge. The Chinese carvings mean prosperity, good fortune; over all happiness.

Red Swirl Jade: Red Jade is the chi stone, bringing forward the energy of the warrior. It is a talisman of individual power and will, dispelling the fear, worry and doubt that holds one back, and urges one to take action. It is a stone of physical vitality, strength and passion, stimulating the Life-Force energy.
Red Jade Chinese Money Bead: Prosperity, Joy, Happiness, Peace

Amethyst: Amethyst is an extremely powerful protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. A natural tranquilizer, Amethyst blocks geopathic stress & negative environment energies. It’s serenity enhances higher states of consciousness & meditation. Amethyst has strong healing & cleansing powers,; enhances spiritual awareness. Traditionally, It helps to overcome addictions & blockages of any kind. Used at a higher level, Amethyst opens to another reality. Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. Mentally, it helps you feel less scattered & more focused. It enhances the assimilation of new ideas; connects cause with effect. Amethyst balances out highs & lows, promoting emotional centering. It dispels anger, rage, fear, anxiety. Alleviating sadness; grief. Amethyst is the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine, giving insights into its true nature, encouraging selflessness; spiritual wisdom. It opens intuition; enhances psychic gifts.

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