“Planting Seeds”-SOLD




“Planting Seeds”

Tiny purple agate stones necklace with a white crystal druzy pendant with gold leaf edging attached in the center. 16″

Purple Agate: Purple Agate Metaphysical Meaning and Healing Properties. Has a connection to the violet flame of St. Germain. It brings a very loving and heart felt frequency to the. carrier of this stone. It also connects to the crown chakra making this a powerful. spiritual stone for the heart to the crown and down. Purple Agate is a gemstone with a meaning and properties of talisman. It has been valued as a powerful protecting gemstone. It would protect the owner from various kinds of disaster. Agate is a stone linked to relaxation, tranquility, inner cleanliness, balance, meditation, vitality, concreteness, relief from pain and balance between Yin and Yang energies.
the Agate stone meaning continues to be known for its protective qualities. By anchoring you to the Earth, the Agate stone meaning can help boost your sense of balance and centeredness. Agate helps you to slow down and find your center so you can move through life with more grace and ease.

White Crystal Druzy: Quartz is the most powerful healing & energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It absorbs, stores, releases, & regulates energy & is excellent for unblocking it. This crystal works at a vibrational level attunes to the specific energy requirements of the needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. It cleanses & enhances the organs & subtle bodies & acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. At a spiritual level, this crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. Quartz has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. It enhances psychic abilities & attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Quartz filters out distractions. Quartz aids concentration & unlocks memory. Quartz is a great energy saver. Quartz is a master healer & can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system & brings the body into balance. Attracts love,
soothes the heart chakra, and helps to attract prosperity. It increases
spiritual as well as romantic love. It develops nurturing qualities and
eases mental overload.

Gold Leaf: Associates with the mind and aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power, and communication.


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