“If I Only Knew Then What I know Today”-SOLD


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Round aqua agate crystalized stones with single cloisonne stone turquoise koi fish; floral in center with suede turquoise tassel at end.24″

Round Aqua Agate Crystalized Stones: Agate brings
harmonious energies that can counter external stress. Also good for
protection. Grounding stone that stabilizes your aura & brings about
emotional, physical, & intellectual balance. they aids in centering
& stabilizing physical energy. Agate has the power to harmonize yin
& yang. The positive & negative forces that hold the universe
in place. A soothing & calming stone. agate works slowly but brings
great strength. Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to
light. Psychologically, Agate gently facilitates acceptance of one’s
self. This stone helps build self-confidence. It aids self-analysis
& perception of hidden circumstances thats holding you back in your
life. Emotionally, this stone overcomes negativity & bitterness of
heart. heals inner anger, fostering love & the courage to start
again. It encourages quiet contemplation & assimilation of life
experiences, leading to spiritual growth & inner stability. Blue-
Increases existing opportunities in career, business, or finances and
improves leadership qualities. It also promotes success and luck in your
endeavors. Also promotes success as well as Attracts love & soothes
the heart chakra. Also helps to attract prosperity. It increases
spiritual as well as romantic love. It develops nurturing qualities and
eases mental overload.

Crystalized: Quartz is the most powerful healing & energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It absorbs, stores, releases, & regulates energy & is excellent for unblocking it. This crystal works at a vibrational level attunes to the specific energy requirements of the needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. It cleanses & enhances the organs & subtle bodies & acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. At a spiritual level, this crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. Quartz has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. It enhances psychic abilities & attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Quartz filters out distractions. Quartz aids concentration & unlocks memory. Quartz is a great energy saver. Quartz is a master healer & can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system & brings the body into balance.

Turquoise Koi Fish/Floral Cloisonne Stone: Special Oriental Cloisonne Hand-Painted Beads With Chinese Flowers; Koi Fish: Chinese flower Peace, Love, and Good Spirits.
The Asian Koi fish is very spiritual and very lucky in all aspects of
your life. Koi fish is the Chinese symbol of good luck, prosperity,
& tranquility. White: Pearly white color increases the flow
of the life force. Its good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of
purpose, spiritual insights and/or inspiration.
Silver: Silverish/Grey color neutralizes negative energies or feelings,
aids compromise and adaptability and helps you keep secrets. Helps:
Reduces stress and fear. Also good for regeneration. It represents
beginnings after natural endings. It banishes negativity, helps you to
heal old sorrows, and allows you to move on to more positive personal
and professional relationships.

Black: Regeneration, represents beginnings after natural endings in
life. Banishes negativity, helps heal old sorrows and allows you to move
forward with a positive state of mind. As well as increases success in
anything you pursue. This stone also helps increase the flow of the
energy force. Good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose,
spiritual insights and inspiration.

Blue:increases existing opportunities in career, business, or finances
and improves leadership qualities, It promotes success and luck in your
endeavors, and increases the flow of the life force. Its good for new
beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, spiritual insights and/or
inspiration. The crystals inside amplifies; transmits energy,
stimulates inspiration, reduces fears.

Purple:Balances emotions, promotes love, protects, promotes
spirituality, and enhances visualization also relates to the inner-self,
unconscious wisdom, increases psychic powers, meaningful dreams, and
psychic protection. also Protects against violence, reduces fear,
and balances mood swings. Green-Helps increase love, empathy and
compassion, brings a gradual increase of prosperity and good

Suede Turquoise Tassel: This particular
color assists in reaching out others; assuages fear.Calming the mind, it aids in
understanding your spiritual nature; inspires hope; opens &
stabilizes the heart chakra. It transmutes negative energy, inspires

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