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Green agate pendant with carved birds on front attached in center of tiger eye coin size discs with gold leaf pewter stones in between as spacers necklace.18″

Green agate Pendant with Carved Birds: Attracts abundance. Brings good fortune and blessings. Will protect your aura by filtering out impurities and negativity. Agate brings harmonious energies that can counter external stress. Also good for protection. Grounding stone that stabilizes your aura & brings about emotional, physical, & intellectual balance. they aids in centering & stabilizing physical energy. Agate has the power to harmonize yin & yang. The positive & negative forces that hold the universe in place. A soothing & calming stone. agate works slowly but brings great strength. It’s multiple layers can bring hidden information to light. Psychologically, Agate gently facilitates acceptance of one’s self. This stone helps build self-confidence. It aids self-analysis & perception of hidden circumstances thats holding you back in your life. Emotionally, this stone overcomes negativity & bitterness of heart. heals inner anger, fostering love & the courage to start again. It encourages quiet contemplation & assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth & inner stability.
Birds: Symbolize Bird spirit is the perfect symbol for freedom and perspective. Because they fly high into the sky, Lightworkers often tell us that they are messengers of the Gods who provide humans with a bridge between the mundane and spiritual life.

Tiger Eye: Tiger eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high
vibrational state that is never the less grounded, drawing the spiritual
energies to earth. It enhances psychic abilities; balances all
your chakras, stimulating the rise of the kundalini energy. Tiger eye is
a protective stone. It brings correct balance of power; integrity.
It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources;
promoting clarity of intention. This stone is useful for recognizing
both your needs; those of others. Mentally, It is helpful for
resolving dilemmas; internal conflicts. Psychologically, tiger eye
heals issues of self-worth, self- criticism; blocked creativity.
It aids in recognizing one’s talents; abilities, conversely,
faults that need to be overcome. Emotionally, tiger eye balances
yin-yang; energizes the emotional body, It alleviates depression; lifts moods.
Also known to bring luck; prosperity.

Gold Leaf Pewter Stones: It represents beginnings after natural endings. It banishes negativity,
helps you to heal old sorrows, and allows you to move on to more
positive personal and professional relationships.It’s associated with
the mind and aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power;
communication.Surround yourself with family; friends.

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