“Delicious Life”- Green & Amber Lariat




Sweet Lime green Hand-made and hand beaded & braided, from yours truly, lariat with tassels at end sealed with big round amber foil stone on each side. 16″

Lime Green Beads: This particular color opens & stabilizes the heart chakra. It transmutes
negative energy, inspires creativity, & balancing.

Amber Foil stones: It absorbs negative energies & transmutes them into positive forces that stimulates the body to heal itself. A powerful protector, it links the everyday self to the higher spiritual reality. Psychologically, Amber brings stability to life but also motivates by linking what is wished for to drive to achieve it. Mentally, Amber stimulates the intellect, clears depression, & promotes a positive mental state & creative self-expression. It brings balance & patience & encourages decision-making, being a useful memory aid. Emotionally, Amber encourages peacefulness & develops trust. Spiritually, Amber promotes altruism & brings wisdom.


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