“Defining Moment”




“Defining Moment”

Turquoise magnesite half moon horn pendant in the center of amazonite roundelle & fire agate stones. 16″

Turquoise Magnesite Half Moon Pendant: Magnesite brings a
deep peace to meditation & relaxation. This stone enhances
visualization & imagery. It opens the heart chakra & stimulates
heartfelt love, including love for the self. Magnesite can be very
helpful in the practice of unconditional love in situations where
relationships with other people are difficult. It helps you to feel
centered, standing by placidly & allowing the other person to be
totally who they are without requiring them to change or being affected
yourself in any way by their difficulties. Psychologically, magnesite
helps to recognize unconscious thoughts & feeling & to explore
the reason for these, taking you back into the past if necessary. It
induces a positive attitude to life.
Blue Increases existing opportunities in career, business, or finances and improves
leadership qualities. It also promotes success and luck in your
The moon necklace is considered symbolic jewelry that has magical and sacred dimensions. It’s also considered by European witch culture to be a dream gemstone. The necklace is believed to bring about pleasant and whimsical dreams. Symbol of power as well.

Silver Detail: Neutralizes negative energies or feelings, aids compromise and adaptability and
helps you keep secrets. Helps: Reduces stress and fear.

Amazonite Roundelle: Called the stone of courage. It increases clairvoyant & telepathic abilities. It attracts more Magic & good luck. This stone has a powerful filtering action. At a physical level, it blocks geopathic stress, & protects against electromagnetic pollution. Very soothing stone because it calms the brain & nervous system & aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining optimum health. It balances the masculine & feminine energies & many aspects of the personality. It’s a stone that helps you see both sides of a problem or different points of view. At an emotional level, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry & fear. it dispels negative energy & aggravation. Spiritually, The stone itself assists in manifesting universal love.

Yellow/Orange Fire Agate Stones: Yellow Agate strengthens heart, gives courage, harmonizes heart, throat and solar plexus, detoxifies system, reduces temperature, sharpens, sight, illuminates, gives balance, eloquence, vitality and joy, mellows, brings prosperity, raises self esteem, balances.


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