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Large ammolite shell stones with unikite roundelles in between necklace. 32″

Ammolite: is a rare and valuable opal-like organic gemstone found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is made of the fossilized shells of ammonites, which in turn are composed primarily of aragonite, the same mineral that makes up nacreous pearls. It is one of several biogenic gemstones. Has a dragon skin pattern. Soothes stress, calms emotions, & increases intuition. Known to be called The stone of new beginnings. Strongly connected to the moon & its intuition. Moon reminds us that everything is a part of cycle & change. Best to let go, be calm, & let fate take its course. The more calm you are the more dis-spells negative energies & increases positive thoughts, love, change, & prosparity(happiness) shine through into your life. Enhances psychic abilities & to develop clairvoyance. Helps balance your male & female energies so u can be more grounded & at Peace of Mind that everything in your life is exactly the way its suppose to be or is working on going to be & will continue to get better. As well as Balances emotions. Its a delicate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness & induces psychic & mystical visions. It stimulates originality & dynamic creativity. It aids in accessing & expressing one’s true self. This stone is absorbent & reflective. It picks up thoughts & feelings, amplifies them, & returns them to source. It is a karmic stone in that, what you put out comes back. It is a protective stone in that when properly programmed, it makes you unnoticeable or invisible. Psychologically, this stone amplifies traits & brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. Enhances self-worth, & helps you to understand your full potential. Fossils: Symbol of long life. Contains a life force, which is released in healing in a gentle but potent way. It also brings long lasting success and stability. The fossil makes this stone even more special, rare, & unique. This particular color increases regeneration. It represents beginnings after natural endings. It banishes negativity, helps you to heal old sorrows, and allows you to move on to more positive personal and professional relationships. Increases the flow of the life force and its also good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, spiritual insights and/or inspiration.

Unikite: Unakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. It promotes visualization & psychic vision. This stone also provides grounding when it is needed & can be useful after meditation or psychic work. Unikite brings a calm gentle energy. Unakite facilitates re-birthing, bringing to light & integrating insights from the past about the cause of blockages, & gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual & psychological growth.

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