“Beyond Time”


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5x Large thick hand-carved Chinese ruby red coral tubes with coral nuggets & medium sized round white magnesite stones in between.26″

Red Coral: Brings an increase of good luck and protection. Also increases power, determination, physical energy & health. It denotes courage, passion, positive change.

Chinese Carvings: The Chinese carvings mean prosperity, good fortune, over all happiness/bliss.

White Magnesite: Magnesite brings a deep peace to meditation & relaxation. This stone enhances visualization & imagery. It opens the heart chakra & stimulates heartfelt love,including love for the self. Magnesite can be very helpful in the practice of unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult. It helps you to feel centered, standing by placidly & allowing the other person to be totally who they are without requiring them to change or being affected yourself in any way by their difficulties. Psychologically, magnesite helps to recognize unconscious thoughts & feeling & to explore the reason for these, taking you back into the past if necessary. It induces a positive attitude to life.

~White: It helps increase the flow of the energy force. Balances emotions, promotes love, protects, promotes spirituality, and enhances visualization.

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