“After Glow”




Blend of orange/yellow agate stones with vintage orange agate oval-shaped stone pendant in the center. 16″

Yellow Agate: Agate is a
grounding stone that stabilizes your aura & brings about emotional,
physical, & intellectual balance. they aids in centering &
stabilizing physical energy. Agate has the power to harmonize yin &
yang. The positive & negative forces that hold the universe in
place. A soothing & calming stone. agate works slowly but brings
great strength. Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to
light. Psychologically, Agate gently facilitates acceptance of one’s
self. This stone helps build self-confidence. It aids self-analysis
& perception of hidden circumstances that’s holing you back in your
life. Emotionally, this stone overcomes negativity & bitterness of
heart. heals inner anger, fostering love & the courage to start
again. It encourages quiet contemplation & assimilation of life
experiences, leading to spiritual growth & inner stability.

Yellow associates with the mind and aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power, and communication.

Orange Agate: Orange increases memory, teaches patience, self-esteem and confidence and strengths a sense of identity.


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