Hawaiian Kukui Wood Carved with Chinese Turquoise-SOLD




Carved Hawaiian Kukui nut oval with Chinese turquoise on top and bottom dangles.

Hawaiian Kukui nut Oval Pendant: This particular color is energetic & quietly
stimulating. It brings joy & teaches the interconnected of all
beings. The nuts come in black, brown and white. Natural Kukui.
To wear a ‘ Kukui ano ano’ or Kukui seed lei, is to wear a lei of light. Kukui were the first prayer beads for the Hawaiian people and are still used today. Kukui Leis become more beautiful over time when held in prayer and can be filled with your own Mana (spiritual energy). They can then be worn for protection.

Chinese Turquoise: Turquoise is the
most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit & well-being
for the body. It is a protective stone. Turquoise promotes spiritual
attunement & enhances communication with the physical &
spiritual worlds. It enhances intuition, meditation, inhibitions, &
allows the soul to express itself once more. Turquoise is a purification
stone. It dispels negative energy & balances & aligns all the
chakras with the subtle bodies & attunes the physical level to the
spiritual. Turquoise is empathetic & balancing & a promoter of
self-realization, it assists creative problem-solving & calms the
nerves. Psychologically, Turquoise is a strengthening stone. It
dissolves a martyres attitude or self-sabotage. Mentally, Turquoise
instills inner calm while remaining alert, & aids creative
expression. Emotionally, Turquoise stabilizes mood swings & inner
calm while stimulates a romantic love.


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