Tiny Triple 3s-SOLD




Tiny Triple 3s

Turquoise: Turquoise is the
most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit & well-being
for the body. It is a protective stone. Turquoise promotes spiritual
attunement & enhances communication with the physical &
spiritual worlds. It enhances intuition, meditation, inhibitions, &
allows the soul to express itself once more. Turquoise is a purification
stone. It dispels negative energy & balances & aligns all the
chakras with the subtle bodies & attunes the physical level to the
spiritual. Turquoise is empathetic & balancing & a promoter of
self-realization, it assists creative problem-solving & calms the
nerves. Psychologically, Turquoise is a strengthening stone. It
dissolves a martyres attitude or self-sabotage. Mentally, Turquoise
instills inner calm while remaining alert, & aids creative
expression. Emotionally, Turquoise stabilizes mood swings & inner
calm while stimulates a romantic love.

Lapis: Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye & balances the throat chakra. It stimulates enlightenment & enhances dream work & psychic abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying & stimulating personal & spiritual power. This stone quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It possesses enormous serenity & is the key to spiritual attainment. Lapis is a protective stone that contacts spirit guardians. This stone recognizes psychic attack, blocks it, & returns the energy to its source. This stone is harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels. Lapis encourages taking charge of life. It reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness, & allows self-expression without holding back or compromising. This stone brings the enduring qualities of honesty, compassion, & uprightness to the personality. Lapis is also a powerful thought amplifier. It stimulates the higher faculties of the mind, bringing objectivity & clarity. It encourages creativity through attunment to the source. Lapis, importantly, bonds relationships in love & friendship & aids expressing feelings & emotions.

Tiger Eye: Tiger eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is never the less grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to earth. It enhances psychic abilities & balances all your chakras, stimulating the rise of the kundalini energy. Tiger eye is a protective stone. It brings correct balance of power & integrity. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources & promoting clarity of intention. This stone is useful for recognizing both your needs & those of others. Mentally, It is helpful for resolving dilemmas & internal conflicts. Psychologically, tiger eye heals issues of self-worth, self- criticism, & blocked creativity. It aids in recognizing one’s talents & abilities &, conversely, faults that need to be overcome. Emotionally, tiger eye balances yin-yang & energizes the emotional body, It alleviates depression & lifts moods. Also known to bring luck & prosperity.


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