“This Is No Dress Rehearsal!” ~said my God Mother
Distinctive, soulful, harmonious and one-of-a-kind are words that describe the creations of Cristiana Shields. Owner and founder of Shields Jewelry on Palm Beach, Cristiana originally drew inspiration from her family, especially her father, Frank Shields, a Revlon executive, whom she describes as larger than life. But now she is embarking on a new journey, rebranding her business and herself as a designer in her own right. The brand is called Cristiana, and soon it will be expanding beyond Palm Beach, eventually going global.

“I have discovered who I am and what my passion is,’ said Cristiana. “And I want to help others do the same by designing pieces that inspire and bring out the authentic inner beauty of the individual.”

While building her own brand, Cristiana aspires to preserve the Shields name and legacy along with that of her middle name, Torlonia, after her grandmother and descendant of an Italian noble family from Rome of the same name.

All of Cristiana’s pieces have a unique personality and story, just like the individuals who wear them. “When people see my work, they are drawn to the pieces they connect with, that have similar energies to them,” she explained. “It can be very powerful, both internally and externally.”