For Cristiana Shields, designing and making

jewelry is more than just art in motion; it’s full of passion,

defined with purpose and above all— personal. Each piece is personally hand crafted by Cristiana and comes with a title that was inspired through music, movies or a concert. Her goal? That every piece of jewelry she designs is therapy for everyone that needs or wants it. “The descriptions are stories that tell about every piece of jewelry featured on my website,” Cristiana says. “I give a breakdown and description of every stone I use in each piece and their powerful energies each one gives.”

With over 400 pieces on display, each one is unique in itself, bursting with beautiful color, dazzling designs and brilliant baubles; a girls perfect haven for the jewelry fetish. All

orders placed through her website (www.shieldsjewelry. com) are handled personally

by her.
Funky, edgy and classy,

Cristiana has fine-tuned Shields Jewelry to provide

the perfect piece for whatever the occasion

or mood. “My fashion vision when I started was

to create jewelry that would flow with what

a woman wants; whether it’s red carpet

fabulous and wicked confident or a super woman ready to

run the world, or

just down-to-earth t-shirt and jeans or a simple dress,” she says. “My creative vision is to step out of the box and design jewelry that sells itself while fans love the originality, the meaning of each piece and how everything I do is connected.”

But success runs through Cristiana’s blood and growing up with positive role models has been an inspiration for her
to chart her own course of success. After graduating from International Fine Arts College in Miami, with an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising, she has been fully involved in the fashion industry. Cristiana’s motto? This is No Dress Rehearsal. At an early age, her Godmother taught that life is short and what she does with it is up to her. And if she never takes a chance, hoping life will just happen she will never
get anywhere. “She taught me to be ambitious and fierce; the Audrey Hepburn style with Cher personality,” Cristiana says.

With Shields Jewelry, she has done just that. In November, she designed one-of-a-kind pieces for a wedding party and
her jewelry is already making a big splash in Hollywood. Holly Cooper (Bradley Cooper’s sister—The Hangover, Limitless) purchased earrings for herself and one of her necklaces was worn by her older sister, Brooke Shields on a national morning talk show. “I get a voicemail from Brookie saying that she is about to go on Regis & Kelly Morning Show and she is wearing one of my lucky necklaces,” Cristiana says. “I missed the show but everyone that knows me noticed that was my piece. I never asked for her help because I like doing this on my own, but I felt honored that she wanted to wear one of my pieces.”

On Cristiana’s website at, she explains how in this age of digital media, Facebook and

Smartphones, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up with all the new and novel ways to wear jewelry. But for her, she hasn’t forgotten that the most important thing that drives her business is the same now as it’s always been; Good design. “Design is our currency. Fashion is our reason for being. Fashionable designs are the ultimate differentiator.” Cristiana adds that no matter how many designs she offers, there is always the understanding that great execution must be the building block for her pieces. “It’s always been that way and always will be. Why go through life wearing poorly made, poorly designed jewelry?”

For the holidays, she suggests her intricately made Swarovski Quartz Crystal Signature hoops and necklace to bring that special gift to the special gal in your life.

For her long-term goal, Cristiana hopes to go Interna- tional. She realizes that there is big fish in the pond but it doesn’t seem to scare her—it empowers her. “I love to create one-of-a-kind designs that shield, protect, empower, inspire and bring peace and happiness into people’s lives. It doesn’t hurt that every fun piece goes with anything in a girl’s closet either.”

What makes her jewelry most unique? Cristiana calls
it design DNA. “There are two things that matter most to my clients; design and value. Fashion is in the DNA of everything I do, from earrings to necklaces to bracelets to all other acces- sories. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, clients want hand-made original fashionable pieces that are as original as they are.”

Written by Elizabeth Rosenberger
Photos by Weesteetee Studio

Hair, Makeup and Styling
by Salon Mikimoto