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Lisa Eisenberg

Cristiana , as I have told you so many times, I love all of my pieces! I actually choose my outfit to go with my necklaces and not the other way around! I get so many compliments whenever I wear them and they make me feel happy! The only problem is I couldn't stop at...

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Jason S.

"Cristiana- I am one of your biggest fans, I love your jewelry. I have a collection that I keep safe in my car, carry when I travel, in a special drawer...etc....They are like my pets. You are purely amazing talent & I wish you lots of luck. I know my collection I...

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"One of my dear friends gave me the gift of a pair of hand-made semi-precious stone earrings. She knows I adore anything hand-made because to me, it comes from your heart. These earrings came in a beautiful decorated box with a description of the stone blue...

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Aunt Joy

"WOW  the 3x pairs of earrings are divine- i love them!!!! Cristiana  you are a creative genius!!!! xoxo" ~Joy *Met this woman while I was having dinner in Berlin where I am now till tomorrow when I go to Paris. I was wearing the tiger eye necklace and she flipped!...

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