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Welcome to Original Style

Original Style - A Blog Series by Cristiana Welcome to Original Style I named this blog based on my personal mantras about integrity, personal growth and being true to yourself. Style is defined as a manner of doing or presenting things. And it can apply to just about...

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Testimonial from Fred Kramer

Every time I give a present of Cristiana Shields Unique, one - of - a - kind, glimmering, shimmering, designs, I receive compliments for my good taste in selecting such stunning and healing objet de art. Each piece of her well-made work, whether it be a simple beaded...

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Spring 2013 Shields Jewelry Pet Collection

Thank you to all the Dog models rocking my designs.
Some dogs even got adopted right after.
Magic Jewelry!!!
These dogs are all stars, diamond in the ruff…waiting patiently for someone special like you to notice them & take him or her home.
Soul-Driven survivors just wants to be loved & give lots of love back.

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Past Invitations & Events at Shields Jewelry Boutique

Special Thank you to Victoria Noska for helping me create this invite & all my others. Kevin O’Neill for helping me creating my website, & for my dog models from the Big Dog Ranch that Rocked it out in my jewelry designs.

Special Thank you for Linda Hornsby, Linda Davis, Joyce McCleary, Tracy Green, Meg Weinberger, Amici, Fuku, Kenny Prather, Bret Gray, Christi Knight, Cristina Kenny, Natalie Doyle, Palm Beach Daily News, Palm Beach Post, friends, & Dwight & The Paramount church Staff for all you help & support.

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